Apogee 2012 Updates

CODER 2012

Event highlights

  • 24-hrs Unplugged Event
  • Intra-BITS Only
  • Teams of maximum two.
  • Languages allowed : C, C++, JAVA.
  • Three-tier judging and prize money. i.e. Separate judging for 1st, 2nd and 3+ years.
  • Judging would be based on standard ICPC rules.

With more than 300 participants and 1800 submissions.... Coder 2012 comes to an end. Owing to the requests of the participants citing prior commitments, the problem-setters would be conducting a meet for discussion and analysis of problems and solutions next week on Monday, 12th March. There would also be a discussion to decide on the approach to be taken by the Competition Programming SIG at the same meet. Also, the rankings were hidden from the participants from 7pm onwards and have undergone change since then. The results too would be announced on the same day after verification of solutions (for authenticity and originality) by the judges. Time and venue details will be announced shortly...

Windows Phone Hackathon

  • Resources and Workshop details uploaded.
  • Registrations for the workshop have started
Check out the event page for details.

Also look out for the following events during Apogee 2012:


CodeStorm is an on campus event in which participants need to write code for a given set of problems. The event will mainly focus on the ability of the participants to code problems as quick as they can. The one who solves maximum number of problems correctly in the allotted time shall be adjudged the winner.

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